change of address - movieTony and Shelby are married 30-somethings, who are forced to confront reality when Shelby gets pregnant and gives birth. Shelby convinces Tony to buy a house hoping it might force him to finally grow up and start acting like a responsible adult instead of a pot-smoking jerk.

After shopping for houses, the pair finally decides to relocate from their dingy one bedroom apartment to their new home. On the day of the move, a colorful group of friends and Tony’s brother arrive to help. They include: Mario and Adele, a quirky interracial couple with their own issues; Tony’s brother Jersey, a local television weatherman and semi-celebrity; Chase, their foul-mouthed neighbor; and Peggy, their former neighbor who’s now a luscious brunette thanks to plastic surgery. She got all the work done to win the heart of the man she’s madly in love with. Unfortunately, that man happens to be Tony.